Traveling to or from Brazil (MEDIF)

If you are traveling to or from Brazil and any of the passengers needs special assistance during the flight and is under the following specific medical conditions: having a recently undergone surgery, having a disability or an illness that puts your safety at risk, that of passengers and crew, need special equipment and medical accompaniment, you must complete the MEDIF form or Medical Information Form. For more information, see ANAC Resolution No. 280 of 2013.
For your companion to access a discount, you must have the following conditions:
  • Travel on a stretcher or incubator;
  • Mental or cognitive disabilities that don't allow understanding the flight and crew safety instructions.
  • You are unable to perform your physiological needs without assistance.

To apply for this discount you must do the following:

  • You must download and fill out the MEDIF form (You must ask the attending physician to complete pages 2 through 5).
  • The passenger with a disability must have a reservation and a paid and issued ticket (otherwise the companion will not be eligible for the discount).
  • The companion who will apply for this discount must contact the contact center to generate the reservation that will apply to the discount.
  • After calling the contact center you must generate the request in the waiver form with the patient's and companion's data (your request must be created no later than 2 hours after the creation of the reservation, additionally the process must be requested at least 72 hours before the departure of your flight).
  • We will contact you via email to confirm whether or not your application applies.
  • If approved, you must contact the contact center again to finalize the purchase process of your previously generated reservation.

Keep in mind that this right applies if you are traveling to or from Brazil and your trips are on the same ticket.


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