Where are the recommended places to travel?

Find the perfect place for your next holiday. Check out our recommended destinations, choose the place according to your profile and the type of trip you are looking for. Experience new adventures, gastronomic destinations and much more at prices that fit your needs and budget.

mceclip0.jpg   Cartagena The jewel of the Caribbean and its perfect blend of sun, beach and charm.

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mceclip0.jpg   Medellín with its paisa warmth and beauty in each of its streets.  

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mceclip2.jpg   Guatemala and diversity of a country located in the heart of the Mayan world.

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mceclip1.jpg   El Salvador. The land of volcanoes and extreme adventures.

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mceclip1.jpg   The lush landscapes and mountainous corners of the Ecuador.

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mceclip0.jpg   Explosion of fun and latin rhythms on the beaches of Miami.

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