How can I freeze my fare with Time to Think?


Time to Think is a service we have created so that you can save the best fare for your ticket for 72 hours and pay later, while you decide or continue to plan your trip. Once this time has passed and if payment has not yet been made, the booking will be canceled and your card will not be charged.  

How does it work? What are the benefits? What do you need to know?

Follow these steps so you can purchase Time to Think and lock in the best fare to buy your ticket. 

  1. Choose your service: Through, during the purchase process, you will have the option to select Time to Think. If you make your purchase through another of our customer service channels, you can request it from our advisors.
  2. Make your payment: After paying for the fare lock, you will receive an email reminder before your booking is due.
  3. Confirm your booking: We will send you an email with the payment option so that you can complete the purchase at your desired rate.
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