How can I reserve my seat?

mceclip4.pngWhen purchasing your ticket at, you can pre-select your seat and choose the best option for you and enjoy your ideal location during the flight. This possibility depends on the route and the fare you purchase. If your fare does not include the possibility to reserve a free seat, you can buy it as an additional service and add it to the reserve.

What kind of chairs can you choose?

Plus Special locations Empty seat
The Plus seats are located in the front rows of the aircraft. for you to travel in a preferential seat with more space, an exclusive luggage rack to store your hand luggage so you can travel in comfort and be one of the first to disembark.

Region  Plus  Plus rows 1-3
Domestic flights in Colombia COP 45.000 COP 90.000
Domestic flights in Ecuador and Central America USD 10 USD 20 
Flights in America USD 70 N/A
Flights to Spain and the UK USD 90 N/A
Rates are subject to change without notice.

Where can you buy your seat?

    1. On During the purchase of your ticket by going to the “My Trips” section or when checking in online, you can purchase this service as an additional service (if your fare does not include seat pre-selection) with a special discount.
    2. Contact Center and sales offices: Find out about our telephone lines according to your location, or resolve your queries at your nearest Avianca office.
    3. At the airport: Arrive in advance at the ticket counters and ask for your seat to be included.
    4. You can also do this by clicking on the following link and making your reservation. 

Book your seat

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