Change flight in case of positive or suspected COVID-19 case

To make a change to your flight, if you are a positive or suspected COVID-19 case and/or have a certificate of isolation you must take into account the following information:

  • If you purchased in size L or XXL, use the flexibility of your ticket to change your travel date at any time with no change fee (fare difference may apply).
  • If you purchased your ticket in sizes XS, S, M or XL, and you are unable to travel on the scheduled date for any of the following reasons:

    • You have a positive COVID-19 test.
    • You had close contact with a positive in the last few days and/or have an isolation certificate.
    • You have a family member in the first degree of consanguinity or affinity with a positive COVID-19 test.
Steps to make a change request

Complete the exemption request form, attaching: initial positive pre-flight test of you or the close contact person for whom you had to isolate (or your isolation certificate). Additionally, if you were unable to travel due to close contact or isolation certification, you must attach the result of your laboratory test (positive or negative) taken within 3 to 5 days of the isolation start date.

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    • In case of having a relative in the first degree of consanguinity or affinity with a positive COVID-19 test, attach the laboratory certificate and a document proving the family link.
    • You will receive a reply to your application with information about the exemption bye-mail.  
    • With this email you can go to one of our points of sale or call our Contact Centreto choose your new travel date.You will have up to 90calendardaysto reschedule the new travel date,counted from the date on which you receive the positive COVID certificate and the new travel date must be at least 7 days after the date of the positive result, time stipulated for a person to be considered recovered and can resume their trip. The new itinerary must be within the accounting validity of the ticket and respect the validity of the fare.  
Terms and Conditions
  • The changes you make apply to all customers within the same reservation. If the change is only for one customer, please call or visit us.
  • If your ticket has date/route change fees, you must make payment with a valid credit card.
  • If the new date/route you choose has a higher fare, you will have to pay the difference between what you originally paid and the new fare.
  • If you were upgraded to Business Class on the flight to be changed, you will lose that upgrade at the time of the change.
  • Your ticket must have been purchased on our website.

The service is not available for:

  • Tickets purchased in the last 24 hours.
  • Expired tickets.
  • Tickets purchased with LifeMiles.
Is there any charge for the change?
If the change is made through our direct channels, the administrative fee and charge will be waived, but a fare leveling fee may apply. If you have purchased your ticket at a travel agency, you must make the change directly with them. If you have a Renfe ticket, additional charges may apply.
What is the difference between service charge and fare difference?

A change service charge is an additional charge incurred in accordance with the size purchased for making a change to the date, time or route of the originally scheduled trip.

nstead, the fare difference is the balance between the original fare and the new desired fare (note that the difference can be higher or lower than the original fare).

We recommend you to know our fares with the services they allow and include.

  • In case the airline changes, or cancels your flight, we have a re-accommodation service where you can reschedule your flightwithout hassleLearn how to do it easily and quickly with our tutorial:

If the alternatives proposed by Avianca do not suit your needs, you will be entitled to compensation. Check the types of compensation we have.

  • If you wish to make a flight change to your itinerary, please click here. here
  • If you purchased from a travel agency, we recommend that you contact them to change your flight.

If for any reason you experience any failure or error during the process, and your trip is within the next 48 hours, write us on WhatsApp o call us by phone and we will help you to change your flight.

Note:Demand in our Contact Center is high and waiting times can be long. For this reason, we recommend that you make your travel arrangements via avoid unnecessary waiting times and offer you the best possible service

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