What do I need to consider when requesting a refund?

To request a refund of your ticket, you must take into account the conditions that apply to the chosen size when you purchased the ticket. This information can be found on the confirmation voucher of your purchase or on our website under fare types

Grounds for claiming a refund

  • Duplicate banknotes
  • Flight cancellation
  • Cancellation of the trip
  • At the will of the passenger
  • Change of itineraries
  • Delay in flight departure
  • Double collection of departure taxes and airport charges
  • Illness (medical certificate to be attached)
  • Loss of a connection caused by us
  • Deceased persons
  • Withdrawal of purchase

Conditions for claiming a refund

The reimbursement process follows the rules of each country and is carried out in accordance with the General Privacy Policy.

Tickets in the name of minors
If the ticket is in the name of a minor, the refund will be processed in the name of the parent or guardian and you must present the document proving the legal representative of the minor, for a cash refund of the value of a ticket.
Special conditions and exemptions
  • If you redeemed your ticket with LifeMiles miles, please contact our Contact Center or visit one of our sales offices to make the corresponding refund. 
  • In some cases and depending on the governmental regulations of each country it is possible to refund unused taxes.
  • In order to avoid any refund restrictions, you must cancel your booking in time.
  • Ticket issuance fees are non-refundable. Also, please note that in some countries there is an administrative fee for refund processing.
  • Our fares comply with the requirements established by law and their conditions and restrictions have been duly reported to the Colombian Civil Aeronautics Authority (Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia).
  • The exemptions apply as long as you meet at least one of the following conditions:
    • Medical incapacity
    • Death
    • Name correction

    You can apply online by filling out the exemption form below:

Returns for cash payments
The cash refunds are made only to the ticket holder, in the currency of the country where the refund is made. If you are not the cardholder and need to apply for a refund, you will need to present the following documents: 
  • Document authenticated in a notary's office (for Colombia) or it's equivalent in other countries. It must certify that the holder of the ticket authorizes you to carry out the procedure in his or her name.
  • The document must specify the identification numbers of the holder and of the person carrying out the procedure.
Tickets paid by credit card
When you buy a ticket with a credit card, once the refund is approved, we send the information to the bank so that they can credit the card on the dates they have defined for the process. The time it takes for you to see the refund reflected on your card varies according to each financial institution.
Restrictions by fare type
For each fare Option, there are different types of restrictions such as:
  • Fares that allow refunds without penalty.
  • Fares that allow for refunds are subject to a penalty.
  • Fares that allow changes and cancellations without penalty.
  • Fares that allow changes and cancellations with a penalty fee.
  • Non-refundable fares.
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