What is the difference between the Avianca UATP Card and Avianca Bonus?



The Avianca Voucher has been transformed and is now called Avianca UATP Card. This new version is a virtual card which you can access through MyAvianca and allows you to redeem your available balance in Avianca products or services.


How to exchange the Avianca voucher for an Avianca UATP Card?

  • If you have an Avianca Voucher, don't worry, the transformation of the voucher to an Avianca UATP Card will be done automatically and you will see it reflected when you log in to MyAvianca, in the Avianca Wallet section. 
  • To find out if your voucher has been migrated to your Avianca UATP Card and to know the status so you can use it on your next trip, just go to "know status" and fill in the information in the form.
Please note

The Avianca UATP Card will be available in your MyAvianca profile. If you already have a MyAvianca profile, just log in. If you do not have a MyAvianca profile, you will need to create one.

In the event that you request a refund previously and then apply for the Avianca UATP Card, we will understand that you waive the refund or any other previous COVID19 Voucher related to your ticket.

For security reasons, you will need to enter your original itinerary information to access your new Avianca UATP Card number. Remember to have the following information ready to access your MyAvianca profile: 

  • First name, surname(exactly as they appear on the original booking)
  • Original reservation code (PNR)
  • Original departure date
  • Airport of origin (3-digit airport code)

Remember to consult the terms and conditions for the use of the Avianca UATP Card to avoid misuse or fraud due to improper handling by unauthorized persons. From the moment you receive your Avianca UATP Card information, you must use it properly under the principle of good faith.

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