Can I travel with musical instruments and works of art?

Yes, you can transport instruments such as guitars, drums, trumpets, among others. Check them in depending on their size, as carry-on baggage or as additional baggage. This baggage is subject to space, we recommend you consult before your flight, the additional baggage charges.

You may also bring art items, which must always remain in your custody or declared to be shipped in the warehouse. 

How can you transport your instruments?

  • As hand baggage: 

If you are carrying musical instruments with dimensions less than or equal to (120 H x 30 W x 20 L) and weighing no more than 10 kg, you may carry them as a replacement for your carry-on baggage or personal item.

Remember to carry it in the proper packaging and make sure it fits in the compartments of the aircraft cabin.

If you do not meet the requirements, you must purchase an additional seat through sales offices, Contact Centers or travel agencies.

  •  Baggage in the hold:

To transport your instruments as checked baggage, they must be in rigid cases with dimensions not exceeding 158 linear cm and weighing 23 kg. 

Each instrument counts as a piece of baggage, therefore, it may be charged according to your ticket fare.

You can travel with pieces weighing up to 45 kg and measuring up to 300 cm, which will be charged extra for overweight or oversized pieces.

  • In assigned seat:

You can transport your instrument in an additional seat in the same cabin of the aircraft where you fly. By purchasing an additional seat, you are entitled to fly with more baggage, corresponding to the additional ticket you purchased.

During the flight, you must fasten the item with the seat belt, which must be in its original packaging. Maximum weight: 75 kilograms, Maximum height: 203.2 centimeters.

How can you transport antiques and works of art?

Antiques and works of art must be transported as carry-on baggage under your custody and responsibility (weight and size permitting). Remember that these items must be declared.

In case it does not meet the requirements to travel as baggage, we recommend transporting it with a cargo company, learn more at Avianca Cargo. 

For this type of articles you must sign the Limited Liability Form that you will find in the counters of the airports, in which we inform you that due to the type of article this cannot be transported as hold baggage. 

Keep in mind
Transporting non-conventional baggage, including musical instruments and works of art, is subject to the signature of the limited liability certificate issued by Avianca, which you will find on the back of the baggage tag. It clarifies that Avianca is not responsible for the condition of your baggage when transported in the hold.

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