Where can I buy more checked baggage and how much does it cost?

Additional baggage:

These are those items that are not included in your size. You can add the buggage you need to your booking.

These are the standard baggage dimensions: maximum 158 linear centimetres, equivalent to the sum of the external dimensions (height+length+width) with a maximum weight of 23 kg per piece. In case of exceeding these dimensions or weight, you will have to pay the value corresponding to the oversize and overweight of the baggage. If you want to transport a piece of luggage that exceeds 230 linear centimetres, it must pass as cargo.


Where can I buy additional luggage?


You will find the best prices at avianca.com, don't wait for the airport to buy your luggage and get incredible discounts! At avianca.com you have three ways to buy additional baggage: 

During the purchase of your ticket: 


  1. Go to avianca.com and select your flight.
  2. Choose the size that best suits your trip. 
  3. Enter all the requested data and continue to the "Additional Services" section. 
  4. Select the option "Purchase additional luggage".
  5. Add the number of additional suitcases you want to buy. 
  6. Save your changes and continue with the purchase of your ticket. 

After you have purchased your ticket: 

If you already have a reservation and need to buy additional luggage, you can do so quickly and easily from our website:


  1. Enter our "My Trips"section.
  2. Please enter your booking number and the last name you registered at the time of purchase.
  3. Select the option "Additional baggage". 
  4. Select the number of suitcases you wish to purchase. 
  5. Save your changes and complete the purchase process. 

During the Check-In process: 


  1. Enter your booking details in the Check-In tab to start the process. 
  2. Fill in all the fields with your personal details and the reason for your trip.
  3. Select your seat. Please note that this option may have an additional cost depending on the type of fare you purchased. If your size does not include seat selection and you do not wish to pay an additional cost, simply skip this step and continue with your Check-In.
  4. Select the number of suitcases you wish to add and complete the purchase process. 

Luggage prices: 




Type of luggage




Online check-in/ Airport counter



Flights to/from Spain and the UK

1st part

From USD 80

From 70 €

From £ 64

From USD 140

From 120 €

From £ 110

2nd part

From USD 135

From 120 €

From £ 105

From USD 195

From 170 €

From £ 150

3rd part

From USD 170

From 145 €

From £ 130

From USD 245

From 210 €

From £ 185



Domestic flights in Colombia

1st part

From COP 20.000

From COP 65.000

2nd part

From COP 55.000

From COP 95.000

3rd part

From COP 100.000

From COP 180.000



Domestic flights in Ecuador


1st part

From USD 15

From USD 25

2nd part

From USD 25

From USD 35

3rd part

From USD 35

From USD 50



Flights in



1st part

From USD 40

From USD 80

2nd part

From USD 50

From USD 95

3rd part

From USD 110

From USD 245

Fares may change depending on the place of purchase, the route and the type of fare you select. 
For high season or for destinations not operated by Avianca, these fares may increase up to USD 50. High season periods are January, Easter, June, July, August, September and December. (Dates may vary by region and flight route).

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Find out about other options for buying your luggage:

Contact centre and sales offices
Find out about our phone lines according to your location or solve your doubts in the one Avianca office nearest to you.
In travel agencies
Remember that they can be travel agencies linked to Avianca or external agencies.
At the airport
Arrive in advance at the ticket counters and ask for your additional baggage to be included.

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