What items are not allowed in my luggage?

Items prohibited as baggage are elements or substances that may endanger the health and safety of people, the environment or aircraft. We tell you what some of these items are so that you can find out about them before you travel.

Restricted articles Restricted articles in the United States
Safety cases, boxes and bags

These items may not contain external batteries or pyrotechnic material.

Disabling elements

Self-defence gases, pepper sprays or irritant substances.

Liquid oxygen devices

Pipettes, cannulas, masks or scuba tanks.

Electric weapons

Electro-shock weapons, electric or current guns.

Elements with external batteries

Lighters powered by external batteries and electronic cigarettes.

Damaged electronic equipment

Computers, mobile phones, chargers or any device in poor condition.

Removable batteries or portable batteries

Spare lithium metal batteries, rechargeable batteries or single batteries.

Filled oxygen cylinders (pipettes)

Medical or recreational oxygen cylinders, pipettes or tanks with pressure.

Vehicles powered by external batteries

Hover, boards, scooters, unicycle with this type of battery.


No matches of any kind, as per AVSecurity and airport operator regulations.

Firearms of any size

Toy guns, ammunition of any kind, powder guns, air guns or replica weapons.

Pyrotechnic devices

Dynamite, flares, explosive capsules, cigarette lighters, explosives of any kind, flamethrowers, hand grenades or grenades of any kind.

Pointed metal elements

Screwdrivers, corkscrews, spanners or pliers, sharp-tipped metal scissors and tubes.


Baseball or cricket bats, bobbins, martial arts equipment, hockey sticks, golf clubs or ski poles.


Boxes with sharp points or sides, nail clippers, razors or razor blades, knives of any type and length, daggers, swords, axes.

When travelling to the United States you should be aware that according to the law established by that country the transport of hazardous materials on board aircraft, in your luggage or personal items is prohibited.

Flammable Aerosols:
WD-40, aerosol paint, aerosol starch, cooking spray, etc. This restriction does not apply to toiletries (lotions, deodorants, foot powder spray, etc.).
Air or pressurized (including scuba and scuba diving).
Alcoholic beverages:

With more than 70% alcohol per volume (e.g. absinthe).

Children's articles:

Safety equipment such as waterproof kit, children's games that may contain lithium batteries, aerosols, lighters, compressed oxygen.

Motorised equipment: 

Residual fuel (chainsaws, generators, mowers, etc.).


Firecrackers, bottle rockets, brackets and flares.


Flammables and liquids, including containers and equipment with residual fuel.

Medical oxygen and recreational oxygen (compressed or liquid).

Solvents or flammables include thinners, turpentine, MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone), denatured alcohol, acetone, resins, lacquers, varnishes and flammables.


Over 4 fl. oz. (118 ml), bear spray and animal repellent.

MacBook Pro:

If you have a 15-inch MacBook Pro that was manufactured between September 2015 and February 2017, it's best to leave it at home. Battery overheating can be dangerous on the road.

Other articles:
Signal flares and road lights and avalanche rescue backpack, self-inflating.

Please note:

There are some items that must have airline approval to be transported, learn about them here.

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