How much hand luggage can I take with me and how can I buy it?

Carry-on baggage includes a small suitcase and one personal item that you can take in the cabin. Please note that if you bought a size XS, you can only carry one personal item, so personalise your trip and buy extra luggage! In order for your flight to be comfortable and safe, it is important that your baggage complies with the transport requirements:

Hand luggage


We want to avoid any inconveniences, additional charges or your luggage being sent to the hold. Here are the size and weight specifications that your hand luggage must meet.

  • Maximum weight: 10 kilos.
  • Maximum dimensions: 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm (height, length and width), including wheels and handles.
  • Location: You can carry it in the overhead compartments of the aircraft.
    Remember it must be light enough for you to handle it yourself.

Personal article


Your personal item can be a wallet, backpack, backpack, a nappy bag, a laptop bag or a small pack.

  • Location: Must be able to be stowed under the front seat and must not inconvenience other passengers.
  • Maximum dimensions: 45 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm (height, length and width).

Luggage prices: 

Remember that if you want to buy your hand luggage through our website, you can only buy it when you purchase your ticket or during online check-in. This option is only available if you purchased a size XS.






Online Check-in


Airport counter


Departure gate 

Domestic flights in Colombia

From COP  45.000

          From COP         75.000

       From COP        100.000

From COP 130.000

Domestic flights in Ecuador

From USD 17

 From USD 25

    From USD 30

  From USD 40

Flights in America

From USD  50

From USD  65

Desde USD 100

Desde USD     120

Check in online and buy your hand luggage!

Take everything you need for your trip and fly smoothly.

Check in online

Other issues to bear in mind regarding hand luggage: 

Items to bring with you Allowed liquids Carriage of prams Other permitted items

In your hand luggage you should carry all those items that fit the size of your luggage and that are delicate or valuable . Here is a list of some of the items we recommend you carry in your hand luggage

  • Irreplaceable, fragile or high-value items: art, jewellery, money, personal papers, valuable documents, medical records and documentation, glasses, keys, branded pens or styluses, antiques, medicine, among others.
  • Electronic goods and their accessories: computers, household appliances, photographic equipment, medical equipment, mobile phones, data storage devices (such as MP3 players, USB sticks, external disks, etc.), digital tablets, video game consoles, digital diaries and any other electronic equipment including software or components, televisions, radios or similar items.

Declaration of valuable items

It is very important that if you are travelling with any valuable items you declare them at the airport, as this will help us to initiate the compensation process if any unforeseen event or irregularity occurs with your luggage. It is very important that you prove the amount of damage or loss in order to receive the respective compensation up to the applicable liability limit.

Keep in mind:

  • Cabin baggage only applies to adults and children, infants (0-2 years) are not entitled to carry-on baggage.
  • When your hand baggage does not meet the dimensions, weight or number of pieces allowed in the cabin, it will be checked as hold baggage and may incur an additional charge. 
  • If your hand baggage exceeds the hold baggage allow ance (overweight, oversized or excess baggage allowance), it will be checked as additional baggage.
  • When your carry-on baggage is subject to space availability, it will be marked with the conditional standby bag tag.
  • When buying in duty free shops (In Bond - Duty Free), at airports or on board aircraft, goods must be transported in sealed packaging and meet the following conditions: they must be tamper-proof and display satisfactory proof of having been purchased in the aforementioned shops.

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