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Now you get to choose what to eat while you're in the air. Starting December 1, 2022, you'll find a new onboard menu. We will have premium foods, brands and products available to offer you a personalized experience during your domestic and international flights within the Americas.

You can learn about and download our menu by clicking here

Frequently asked questions:

Will passengers no longer receive meals during flights?

No. Meals will only be included in the fare on flights to and from Europe and on flights on the Bogota-Los Angeles-Bogota route.

Is there a special menu for children?
Our menu includes food and beverage options suitable for children.
Will products other than food be sold on board?
Yes, you will now be able to buy blankets during the flight.
Which types of payment will be accepted?

You can only pay with a credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard).

Will alcohol be sold on board?
Yes, only to adults and up to 2 units per passenger.
Will special food service be maintained on board?
If you have a restricted diet, you can book the special menu option on flights to Europe. For other flights, choose the option from our new menu on board that best suits your diet.
Is the food fresh?

We will have both fresh and packaged options for you to choose from.


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